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Organizational strategic alignment equals better outcomes. The right people rowing in the same direction is key to achieving common goals and objectives. We implement this concept when we approach our clients’ systems, processes and projects.

Systems Management

On average, the companies we work with invest in between 70 and 100 third-party vendors. In the absence of a team that can manage vendor partnerships full time, that’s a lot to keep up with.

Chances are your company is spending valuable dollars on the technology you aren’t maximizing, and, in many cases, you aren’t using at all. It’s equally likely that you’ve partnered with a vendor at some point that has a solution you need, but your tech stack isn’t adequate to maximize the solution’s potential.

We’ve spent a career evaluating the ROI of most business systems from HRIS and CMS platforms to CRM and local digital advertising tools. We have worked with hundreds of vendors to implement sales enablement, digital advertising, social media engagement, content management, onboarding and reporting tools.

Let us help you:

  • Assess your current vendors and tech stack to identify performance gaps, under-or unutilized technology and opportunities for efficiency.

  • Evaluate your technology needs against the backdrop of your current capabilities and provide vendor and system recommendations.

  • Provide implementation consulting.

We are big fans of helping our clients to be exceptional at providing their core services and products while identifying the right partners to help them win.

Strategic Consulting for Processes

Improving efficiency and quality allows your company to invest more in the people and systems you depend upon. Consistent process improvement betters your business in every aspect from employee turnover and a culture of learning to exceptional customer service and happier employees.

When was the last time your company took a deep dive into an age-old process? Even a simple one such as how your sales account managers utilize an advertising book system or CRM?

We assume that if our teams are booking their ads and hitting their revenue numbers, then all is well, right? Uncovering inefficiencies and workarounds for wonky bugs could also uncover hundreds of hours of lost time.

We provide:

  • Process analysis for any major workflow within your organization.

  • Facilitation of leadership and team feedback meetings to identify better and more efficient ways to work.

  • Development of new processes and workflows.

  • Process and workflow communication strategies.

  • Creation of process and workflow success metrics.

  • Ongoing process evaluation.

Project Management Services

Few things are as disruptive to an organization as a botched software rollout or a clunky implementation. Morale, budgets and productivity all suffer when implementations derail.

How many times has your company excitedly announced a new software upgrade or rollout with a promise to your team that it will save time, create efficiency in their day and improve their lives, only to find out that your teams have created workarounds to all the bugs that haven’t been fixed 18 months later?

Implementation failures for major projects come down to poor change management:

  • Inadequate communication (according to Gallup, 7% of U.S. workers strongly agree that communication is accurate, timely and open where they work).
  • Failure to properly train teams and gain user acceptance.
  • Shortsighted planning with lack of space for unexpected snafus.
  • Failure to anticipate the heavy lift for personnel who already have big day-to-day jobs.

We specialize in:

  • Developing strategic communication plans.

  • Ensuring the right people are involved at the right time.

  • Creating an environment for staff-level buy-in before implementation.

  • Anticipating challenges that can arise and planning for natural disruptions.

  • Setting realistic implementation goals and budgets (according to Gallup, 22% of U.S. workers strongly agree that their leaders have a clear direction for the organization).

  • Assessing your implementation team for skills, bandwidth and understanding of the scope of the project.

We offer project management consultation and oversight, or we can drop in and help you to manage the project from commitment to execution.