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The most successful organizations communicate like it’s their only job. Real talk is the only kind of talk that team members tolerate. Companies with effective communication aren’t afraid of what’s uncomfortable, they are afraid of what’s left unsaid.

According to Gallup, “employees who work in an environment where communication is open, timely and accurate are more engaged and demonstrate a higher intent to stay with the organization.”

In almost every organization, communication is the elephant in the room. We’ll help you to look the elephant in the eye and to develop a culture of effective communication. It’s not easy… if it was, everyone would do it. Communicating well takes courage and heart.

Communication Consultation Experts

The ability of your stakeholders to understand your “why,” what is expected of them and what results you are driving toward are critical to your success. In the absence of communication, results are harder to achieve, profitability declines, culture erodes and good people start imagining what it would be like to work for a company that involved them in decisions and included them in discussions that impact them.

We’ll support you in:

  • Analyzing your culture of communication and developing a strategic communication plan to drive engagement and results.

  • Leading effective meetings that are thoughtful, well-planned, efficient and highly effective.

  • Facilitating retreats and sessions to set strategy, define goals, establish metrics, address organizational challenges and create buy-in.

  • Developing project management communication (the who, what, when, where and why of successful technology platform, program implementation and execution).

  • Creating internal communication strategy and implementation.

  • Writing effective copy to communicate clearly, truthfully and timely using your company’s voice and culture to build a loyal internal following for your brand.

Champions of Internal Communications

Our work with your teams combines decades of experience (and lots of lessons about exactly how NOT to make the mistakes we did), along with some of the best communication tools, resources and teachings from people and systems you know well.

Internal communications are as important as any other aspect of your business. Done well, you will create an environment of trust and security that thrives on putting heads together to solve problems. Done poorly and the bottom line, morale and the ability to recruit and retain top talent are significantly disrupted.