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Culture isn’t something you buy. You can’t create it by reading a how-to manual. It isn’t a set of values posted in a breakroom near the ping pong table.

Culture is a living and breathing thing. It is a feeling. It is a collection of shared values and behaviors that culminate in an atmosphere of trust, transparency, learning, psychological safety, high performance, diversity and appreciation.

Culture is who, not what. It starts with a clear vision and purpose. It is championed by leaders who live, sleep, breathe and exemplify the company’s values. It is built on authenticity, communication, common goals and accountability.

Culture is how your team shows up every day — on the best days and on the hardest days.

Whether your company is struggling to find desired corporate culture or is extraordinarily successful and seeking ways to take things to a new level, we’re here for it. As Yogi Berra famously said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

Strategic consulting services:

  • Culture Assessments: Analysis of implied and expressed attitudes and beliefs held by those in the organization

  • Employee Surveys: Understand how satisfied your employees are and create realistic strategies for improvement

  • Mission, Vision and Values Retreats

  • Strategic Alignment: Ensure stakeholders are focused on and committed to the same goals

  • Talent Assessment: Are the right people in the right positions?

  • Leadership Training and Development

  • Communication Strategy and Best Practices

Leadership Development/Coaching

We provide thoughtful and customized analysis of your leadership, teams and culture and will help you build a foundation of caring for others, leading with empathy and learning how to build the kind of company that outsiders are dying to join and insiders can’t ever imagine leaving.

Some people are naturally better at leading than others, but with the right set of core talents and the will to be great, leaders CAN be developed.

Leadership and coaching services:

  • DiSC Assessments

  • 360 Assessments

  • Team Assessments: Is your team highly functioning in an environment of trust and a common vision?

  • Culture and Climate Assessment

  • Teambuilding Workshops

  • Leadership Coaching and Development

  • Emotional Intelligence Training

  • Communication Training

  • Meeting with Purpose: The art of inspiring and empowering through effective 1:1, team and company meetings

All leadership development, training and coaching services are offered for positions ranging from the management level to executive and administrative teams.